Making reliable high speed connections, affordable and easy

Our experts source the whole market for the best performing and most cost efficient internet connection for all your locations including home workers.

Everyone can get faster Internet!

Our experts source the whole market for the best performing and most cost efficient internet connection for all your locations including home workers. We take into account your current and future needs. Being independent we are not tied to one service provider so we have your best interests at heart. Work hard to find you the optional solution for your situation.

Fiber Connectivity

Mega-Fast internet will open new doors for your business. Seamless remote working, moving your servers to the cloud, high-quality video conferencing, and sharing high-quality videos and images with your suppliers and customers. Riverbank Solar can provide a vast range of reliable internet connections to meet your business need and save you money

Quick connections to Cloud Services

Moving your critical business workload to the cloud means all your locations can access your data at lightening quick and reliable speeds, saving you infrastructure costs. Fibre connections become an important part of your cloud journey.

Save telecoms costs by removing landlines and phone contracts

Voice over IP (VoIP) brings cheaper calls and more flexible remote working solutions such as home working and can be offered as part of a fiber connection. Removing expensive to administer and support phone systems lets your business make real cost savings whilst retaining all the published numbers on your stationary, website and customer quick dials! Fibre also bring ultra high definition video conferencing allowing you to reach new markets all over the world.

Easily connect all your locations

Dedicated fibre allows you to connect remote and branch offices with home workers at lightening quick speeds. It also brings an increased level of security by allowing for military grade encryption over your whole network without any lag.

Quick and easy Disaster Recovery 

More options that ever before are available with fast fibre as you can keep live copies of your servers at multiple sites or the cloud – with up the minute versions of work saved. All your staff can remain working again quickly, maybe even from home, if a disaster happens at your premises.


What People Are Saying

Riverbank Solar, are smart, intuitive, structured and analytical thinkers who provides great advice and valuable support – always in a cheerful and positive manner.

Doug C – Scottish Enterprise

Riverbank Solar are a highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and reliable IT infrastructure provider. Riverbank show in depth knowledge of Windows Infrastructure encompassing both servers and windows workstations as well as TCP/IT networking.

Ragnar Storm – Hewlett Packard

IT experts who talk in everyday language and very helpful. Riverbank Systems offers a wide range of IT services and I have always found them approachable and quick to react.

Nigel Temple – Vauxhall Motors UK

Our company have used Riverbank Systems for over 6 years. They provide prompt, efficient and cost effective solutions to our IT challenges. When we engage with Riverbank Systems we always feel like they are part of our team.

Katie – MindStore (Jack Black)

We have used Riverbank Solar Limtied for many IT services across a number of companies that I have been involved with. They are dedicated professionals who always delivers results in a timely manner.

Dougie Craig – GJF Birmingham

Consistently supplied a high level of service and available 24/7. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an expert service provider.

Peter – Rock Business Serivces Ltd

Riverbank Solar are highly skilled Windows and Networking Consultants. I had the privilege of working with them at a client where they showed they had strong technical skills; installing and configuring advanced Windows servers and Clusters. Riverbank are highly committed, motivated and always ready to face new challenges. I would recommend they are a great asset any organization.

Ponnusami S – Sweeney Kincaid

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