Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scottish based small and medium businesses do not have the luxury of huge budgets and sizeable resources at their disposal. As an owner or business leader in this predicament, you always find yourself making things work. Sometimes, things do work out. However, this often comes at a compromise of quality. The importance of IT Support and Network Support to any business, big and small, cannot be overstated.

However, not all small businesses can afford the expensive servers and other related equipment as well as the technical staff required to set up, operate and maintain an in-house IT department. Blame it on limited space and mostly tight budgets.

But do all small businesses have to be subjected to substandard IT Support? The constant downtime, security issues, and other management concerns?

No! You do not have to undergo such problems just because you do not have as many resources as your large counterparts. Credit to managed IT services, you can also maintain a smooth workflow and keep your productivity high.

Riverbank Solar are award winning IT Support in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Scotland Cyber Security, Office 365, Exchange, Hosted Desktop, GDPR, Cyber Essentials, Cloud Computing, Remote Support. We have provided this guide to help you.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services allow businesses like yours to outsource your IT functions to a highly competent and properly equipped third-party vendor known as a managed service provider (MSP).

Depending on your MSP, you can outsource a variety of functions including; CRM applications, email hosting, network backup and monitoring, storage among other various need of your IT infrastructure.

What this allows you to do is to apply your limited resources judiciously by focusing on your core competencies and business goals without having to worry about your IT functions.

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Cost Savings

Acquiring the proper IT equipment and maintaining a team of IT professionals is very expensive. Managed IT services help you save on money and time you could have used on expensive IT equipment and in hiring IT personnel.

When you contract an MSP, they take over all your IT operations at a fraction of the cost of purchasing IT equipment and salaries to IT personnel. It essence, it lifts off the burden of having extra staff and purchasing costly hardware. These savings eventually reflect on your profits.

Broader Expertise

Any business, including small businesses, can decide to hire in-house IT specialists and equip them. However, it can be very difficult to get enough IT specialists under your payroll to optimize all IT functions.


With an MSP, they already have a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals that can handle all IT specialties. By contracting an MSP, all these professionals become available to attend to your business at any time which is a big bargain.

Reducing Downtime

Slow systems, network downtime, hardware failure, software issues and security breaches are constant challenges in an IT environment. If these problems persist for long they disturb your workflow and lower your productivity.

With an MSP, they have access to the best technology and experienced experts, therefore, tend to fix such issues on time before they become a big problem. They also make sure that your hardware and software are up to date so as to prevent such issues. In the meantime, you and your staff are busy focusing on your bottom line.

Enhanced Network Security and Better Compliance

Compliance and network security are two notoriously difficult areas of IT that most small businesses find hard to manage. Typically, compliance regulations are extensive and very complicated.

Additionally, security threats are evolving at a high rate making it difficult to keep up. MSPs will typically have security specialists who will ensure that all your systems are updated and that your company reputation and data are protected. Compliance management will also help you avoid hefty fines by keeping you in line.


If a small business tried to carry out its IT functions internally, keeping the costs of software investment, security and hardware maintenance in check can prove to be very difficult.

This can lead to costs spiralling out of control. With an MSP, they work with you to ensure that you have some consistency in your IT costs. Additionally, they also work to make it affordable for you.

Custom Solutions

When an MSP takes over your IT functions, they take a keen look to understand your business processes and goals. Moving forward, they can customize IT activities to meet your unique needs and foster your business goals. This allows you to either scale up or scale down your IT services depending on your progress as well as to introduce new technologies or terminate old ones.

The benefits listed above are some of the main reasons why more and more Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scottish businesses are turning to MSPs for their IT Support and Network Support.

Your business also deserves to run at peak efficiency and there is a strong case why an MSP such as Riverbank Solar can help you achieve that. We add value to your business by providing effective IT support, expert advisory services and an assortment of customized cutting edge technologies that will help you to increase your productivity and get ahead of your competition. For more information on how


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