We have found that computer network security is the most important aspect of any business or organisations that are looking for IT Support, Network Support or help with their infrastructure. Around 90% of security measures incorporated in business network systems can be implemented using the correct installation practices. Doing this can reduce a network’s vulnerability to malware and spyware. This is as long as all factors are accounted for during the installation of the computer network within an office. Most of our customers that come to our services from other IT Support and Network Support providers are not migrating with Secure Networks!

At Riverbank Solar we are a leading network installation and IT company in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Scotland . Our Glasgow based IT Support team provide firewall support for clients in and around Lanarkshire and Edinburgh and beyond. We use firewall technology to tackle these common concerns regarding IT security. The Firewall will monitor all ingoing and outgoing traffic on the network using a definitive set of rules.

Most generally available Firewalls are designed to suit only general purpose. This prevents the ability to tailor them to a specific set of rules stipulated by the vendors. Companies usually require two types of Firewall installation. This is in order to prevent third-party intrusion onto the network and ensure its security.

90% Of security measures incorporated in business network systems can be implemented via the correct installation practices.

Hardware Firewalls

Contemporary hardware usually has integrated Firewall features. This includes modems, routers and indeed modern computers and tablets  These usually require little to no configuration or changes. Furthermore, they are useful within a secure environment.

The threat of virus attacks usually happens through the internet. As a result, companies and organisations with broadband connections are the ones at risk. The use of a dual function modem-router combination can negate this. This is because the modem-router function is capable of monitoring the connection with its in-built firewall, restricting both the inbound and outbound connection.

Software Firewalls

Software firewalls are installed on individual computer systems. These can be configured to the unique user’s needs. Most computer users will employ basic web content filtering and external printer blocking as a standard. This is as part of their software firewall installation.

Additionally, there are many different types of software firewalls available in the IT market. This can make choosing the right one for you difficult. The trick here is to ensure you choose one that suits you and your business best.

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