Our business clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and all over Scotland often as us what the difference between IT Support and Managed IT Services are. Riverbank Solar service delivery experts have produced this summary to outline them.

‘Traditional’ IT Support

  • IT Support is reactive – a reaction to a cause or a failure
  • When something breaks, there is a reaction in form of fixing the problem – this is referred ot as break fix
  • IT Support is offered on an hourly basis
  • IT Support does not include preventative or proactive maintenance or administration

Managed Services

  • Managed Services is a proactive and preventative form of IT management
  • Managed Services include the use of IT management agents that are installed on all devices in your business. These agents allow us to have access to your device quickly and proactively.
  • Services are offered in a scalable form, enabling your business to add and remove services as your requirement changes and your business grows
  • We receive live and realtime performance monitoring reports, this information includes:
    • The condition of all hardware
    • Hard Drive storage availability
    • Processor performance
    • Memory (RAM) usage
    • Missing updates and security vulnerabilities
  • We are able to proactively and remedy issues before they lead to failure, resulting in less downtime to your business
  • Unlimited support is included, both on-site and remote
  • Managed Services offers substantial cost saving

Managed Services also offer predictable and fixed monthly costs, enabling you to budget effectively

Riverbank Solar have been providing IT Support and Managed IT Services in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and all over Scotland for the last 20 years. To find out how we can help with both arrange a FREE IT AUDIT or call 0141 474 1995